Spectrum Puppy pet food 3 Kg puppy

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Content : Dried chicken protein, rice, corn, chicken oil, whey powder, hydrolyzed chicken liver flour, lamb protein flour, hydrolysed sugar cane fiber, dried anthracite krill, brewer’s yeast, egg protein powder, yucca schidigera -quillaja, xylo-oligosaccharide (400 ppm), L-kanitin, rosemary (rosmarinus sp.), turmeric (curcuma sp.), grape (vitis sp.), citrus (citrus sp.), and Indian cherry (euqenia sp.). (300 ppm).

Food Contributions : Vitamin E (3A700) 200, Vitamin E (E-672), Vitamin E (E-672) kg), Iron (E1) 320 mg / kg, Selenium (E8) 0,9 mg / kg, Manganese (E5) 20 mg / kg, Vitamin C (E301) 200 mg / kg, kg, Protectors – Antioxidants Puppy Starter 30: Spectrum Puppy Starter30 is an ultra premium dog food formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of pregnant and / or lactating dogs with new cut puppies (3 -10 weeks old) in small and medium breed. Protein 30%, Oil 18%, Crude Cellulose 2.5% Optimum Puppet Growth: Spectrum Puppy Starter 30 contains high-digestibility protein sources and unique flavor to make your puppy’s tailor-made, easily adaptable to breed characteristics and supports healthy growth.

Postimal Mother Nutrition After Pregnancy : Spectrum Puppy Starter 30 is formulated to meet the increased nutritional needs of your mother’s breast after breastfeeding.

Highless Indexability : Spectrum Puppy Starter 30 contains highly digestible raw materials and is optimally digested during the sensitive period of the puppy and mother and supports the immune system with the SQF concept.

Spectrum Puppy Starter 30 has been designed with absorbing capacity suitable for wetting with grain size and water / milk that can be consumed by your puppy, who has not yet become accustomed to mop. The magnificent herbal mixture is an improved blend of 134 vegetable extracts combined with laboratory conditions and successful clinical trials on petals. An exploratory raw material is an ingredient containing Antarctic Krill bioavailable protein matrices, Omega 3 phospholipids and astaxanthin. Prebiotic and metabolic effect are super prebiotics obtained by hydrolyzing corn cob.


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